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Wild Rice Update 8-29-2023

Wild Rice Update


Wild Rice update as presented at the Conservation Committee meeting today (8/29/23). The rice is still green and in the rubbery stage, some of the rice kernels towards the bottom of the stock are more towards the milky stage. Right now, it looks like the ricing opener will be in 1 to 2 weeks, maybe sooner depending on the hot weather that has been predicted. The DNR staff report that there is approximately 4,800 acres of rice coverage on the 7000 acre Nett Lake, approximately 2/3 rice coverage. See attached map of the rice beds.

The Conservation Committee and DNR will be keeping a close eye on the rice as it may ripen quicker than we think. The rice will be checked later this week. Community members in attendance volunteered to go out in boats to check the rice more closely on Saturday and Sunday. Travis Morrison and a partner will go into Mallard Bay, Perry and Pete Drift will go behind Big Island and Plum Island, Jones and Vern Adams will go from Nett River to Poplar Creek and David Morrison Jr. and Janelle Porter will go to Lost River Bay.

The Ceremonial Pick  will likely be done on Sunday with ceremony to follow a few days later. The ceremony date and time will be announced to the public.

There was discussion on the low water levels at Goofy’s Landing and the Elders present will consult with other to give approval (or not) to dredge this area using heavy equipment such as an excavator which can be used from the shore.

The next meeting on the Conservation Committee with a rice update will be held on September 5th at 1:00 pm in the Tribal Government Building. The committee will meet sooner if needed according to the rice reports and there will be a shorter meeting notice.

rice map 2023


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