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Bois Forte Health Services
1613 Farm Rd. South
Tower, MN 55790

Medical Clinic: 218-753-2182
Fax: 218-753-2188

Dental Clinic: 218-753-2182
Fax: 218-753-2183

Pharmacy: 218-753-2180
Fax: 218-753-2181


Nett Lake

Bois Forte Health Services
5219 St. Johns Drive
Nett Lake, MN 55772

Medical Clinic: 218-757-3650 | 800-223-1041
Fax: 218-757-0222

Dental Clinic: 218-757-3431
Fax: 218-757-0234

Pharmacy: 218-757-0230
Fax: 218-757-0234

  • Medical Services

    The following services can be provided at the clinic, pediatric care, immunizations, urgent care including eye exams, medication management, nutrition counseling, diabetic foot care, laboratory services, Diabetic care, podiatry clinics, preventive care, obesity evaluation and management, Physicals: sports, school, pre-ops and truck driving physicals, pharmacy services, Elderly care, pregnancy counseling and referral, retinal photography, Gynecology services including pap smear, breast exams, colposcopy, birth control, and family planning, management of chronic diseases: thyroid, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc., Electrocardiography (ECG), joint injections, minor surgery on lacerations, warts, skin cancers, incision and drainage, casting and splinting, Audiology clinics, toenail removal, wound and burn management.

  • Pharmacy

    Pharmacy services are available at both the Nett Lake and Vermilion Clinics, with a pharmacist and a technician at each location. They provide prescription and over-the-counter medications. Pharmacists provide counseling on all new prescriptions and are available from 8:00-4:00 Mon-Fri (closed 12-1) to answer any questions you may have about your current medications. Pharmacists can also provide medication therapy management (MTM) services, which includes a full medication review for indication, effectiveness, safety and convenience of therapy. MTM appointments aim to optimize your current drug therapy and improve therapeutic outcomes for you.  If you are interested in receiving an MTM consultation please contact your pharmacist to set up an appointment!


    During COVID-19

    Please use our curbside pick up. When you arrive call the pharmacy and we will deliver your items to your vehicle.

  • Refill Your Bois Forte Prescriptions via RefillQuick App

    Refill Your Bois Forte Prescriptions RefillQuick App

    The Bois Forte Pharmacies have some great news!

    You can now refill your medications without needing to call the pharmacy by accessing this website: http://www.refillquick.com  or by downloading the RefillQuick app! This service and app are FREE to use!

    Download the RefillQuick appGoogle PlayApple Store


    When you open the app or website, you will need to enter in the pharmacy phone number to find us.

    The pharmacy phone numbers:

    Nett Lake is 218-757-0230

    Vermilion is 218-753-2180

    From here you will enter your last name, first name, and Rx numbers. You will then click continue and the app will ensure your prescriptions are valid. Then you can add a note that will come across to the pharmacy (examples would be things like pick up times or authorizing a pickup person, etc.).

    Lastly, you will click ‘request refill’ and the prescription will automatically pop up in our system to be refilled.

    If you have any questions about how to use the app or website, please let us know and we would be happy to help!

    Thank you,
    Bois Forte Pharmacy Staff

  • Dental Services

    The following dental services are provided, dentures, crowns & bridges, cleanings, fillings, root canal, oral surgery, patient education and prevention programs, Headstart exams, referrals to specialist as required.

  • Bois Forte Notice of Privacy Practices
Bois Forte
Bois Forte Tribal Government - Nett Lake


5344 Lakeshore Drive
Nett Lake, MN 55772

Office: 218-757-3261
Toll Free: 1-800-221-8129
Fax: 218-757-3312
Email: Receptionist

Bois Forte Tribal Government - Vermilion


1610 Farm Road South
Tower, MN 55790

Office: 218-753-4542
Fax: 218-753-4055
Email: Receptionist

Urban Office - Minneapolis


1308 E. Franklin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Office: 612-871-6618

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Urban Office - Duluth


206 West 4th Street #204
Duluth, MN 55806

Office: 218-336-1048

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