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RTC Meeting December 2, 2020

Special RTC Meeting

December 2, 2020

Nett Lake, MN

9:00 a.m.



Call to Order

Approval of Agenda

Approval of Minutes

Introduction of New Staff

Consent Agenda

Approved to extend the Safe Shelter Program from November 15 to November 30, 2020

Approved the contract addendum to the MB Custom’s Development, LLC for the Tele Hut

Approved the request from Willie King to sole source a water heater from Radotich, Inc. for the community center in the amount of $5,490.00

Approved the Temporary Remote Work Agreement and Temporary Remote Work Policy

Approved the request from Jaime Burdick to sole source fencing from Century Fence Company in the amount of $5,470 for the police department

Approved holiday hours:
Add Nov. 25 off at noon, Nov. 26 off all day, Nov. 27 off all day
Add Dec. 24 off all day, Dec. 25 off all day
January 1 off all day

Adopted Resolution No. 62-2021, Vibe Communication Boards for the Nett Lake School

Adopted Resolution No. 63-2021, Vibe Communication Boards for the Clinics

Approved the request from Randy Long for an HVAC Upgrade for the tribal government at a cost of $81,745.00

Approved the engagement letter with RSM for staff augmentation Services

Adopted Resolution No. 64-2021, approved the purchase of the automated temperature screening equipment to be installed at various access points at public buildings on the reservation

Approved the Fiber Optic System Construction Management Agreement between Bois Forte and CTC Communications for the Fiber to the Home Buildout

Approved the Schedule of Values Clinic add’l services and change order proposal

Approved the request from Louise Isham to sole source 819 elder VISA gift cards from the credit union in the amount of $33,122 ($35 + $3.00 fee per card)

Approved the request from Travis Vake to sole source 76 laptops for the Education Program

Approved the request from Dan Milbridge and Sue Larson to purchase Dental Digital Scanners

Approved to extend the Bois Forte COVID-19 Energy Assistance Program to December 11, 2020 or until the funds are expired before that date


Pamela Hughes

Request to be granted access to enter New Moon information into the MHFA Port


Kim Greiner

Resolution:  Purchase of Food Shelf Equipment


Jaylen Strong

Discussion on 1866 Treaty Challenge Proposal

MOU for Bureau of Land Management

Programmatic Agreement with the USDA Forest Service, Superior National Forest

Letter sent to EPA Region Administrator in regards to Minnesota Pollution Control Agency


Edison Watt

Timber Harvest Plan 2020/2021


Robbie Goggleye

Greaney Rauch Silverdale Dissolution
Proposed Fire Coverage Division for Bois Forte, Orr, Bearville





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