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Public Works

Public Works

12831 Nett Lake Road
Nett Lake, MN 55772

Office: 218-757-0193
Fax: 218-757-0198

The Public Works Department works to provide quality service for water supply, wastewater treatment, water and septic system assistance, maintenance of the roads, water and sanitation systems, and burial coordination. The administration of the Indian Reservation Roads program develops roads projects to meet the needs of the Band through planning, design, and construction.

  • Public Works Directory

    Joel Astleford
    Public Works Director
    Office: 218-757-0193
    Cell: 218-248-0440
    Fax: 218-757-0198
    Email: jastleford@boisforte-nsn.gov


    Angela Geshick
    Administrative Assistant
    Office: 218-757-0193
    Fax: 218-757-0198
    Email: ageshick@boisforte-nsn.gov


    Building Maintenance – Vermilion

    Kevin Strong
    Maintenance Manager
    Office: 218-753-4542
    Cell: 218-404-5771
    Email: kevinstrong@boisforte-nsn.gov

    Building Maintenance – Nett Lake

    Ernest Barto
    Maintenance Manager
    Office: 218-757-3261
    Cell: 218-410-9768
    Email: ebarto@boisforte-nsn.gov


    Water and Sanitation

    Janice Connor
    Office: 218-757-0193
    Email: jconnor@boisforte-nsn.gov

    George Mihelich
    Cell: 218-750-7354


  • Bois Forte Water Supply, Waste Water Treatment

    Sanitation. Maintains the community water and wastewater systems.
    Indian Point, Nett Lake, Palmquist, and Vermilion Water, and Wastewater.

  • Public Works Maintenance

    Public Works Maintenance staff ensures the water, waste water, and road systems are safe and properly maintained. The Maintenance Foreman oversee the utility and road maintenance, construction, and repair projects. Activities include snow plowing, culvert replacements, roadside mowing, repairing water main breaks, replacing defective water and sewer components, and general maintenance to the Band’s public works infrastructure.

  • Wells and Septics

    Provides assistance for the installation of water supply and wastewater systems for permanent residential requests. Also helps to troubleshoot water supply and wastewater treatment systems that are failing. Funding for new home construction and failed existing systems is secured through the Indian Health Service.

  • Indian Reservation Roads

    This program is under self governance by the Band.  All activities associated with roads projects for the Band through the BIA are contracted through the Band.  From the planning of projects through the administering projects through the Construction phase.

Bois Forte
Bois Forte Tribal Government - Nett Lake

5344 Lakeshore Drive
Nett Lake, MN 55772

Office: 218-757-3261
Toll Free: 1-800-221-8129
Fax: 218-757-3312
Email: Receptionist

Bois Forte Tribal Government - Vermilion

1610 Farm Road South
Tower, MN 55790

Office: 218-753-4542
Fax: 218-753-4055
Email: Receptionist

Urban Office - Minneapolis

1308 E. Franklin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Office: 612-871-6618

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Urban Office - Duluth

206 West 4th Street #204
Duluth, MN 55806

Office: 218-336-1048

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