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The Bois Forte Tribal Court provides for due process of criminal matters for all persons residing within the boundaries of the Bois Forte Reservation.

The Band Prosecutor represents you, the people of Bois Forte.

The Public Defender represents adult and juvenile defendants in Tribal Court.

Bois Forte Tribal Court

P.O. BOX 25
12907 Palmquist Road
Nett Lake, MN 55772

Office: 218-757-3462
Fax: 218-757-0064

  • Judicial Directory

    Miranda Lilya
    Judicial Services Director
    Responsible for the management of all administrative matters of the court.
    Office:  218-757-3462
    Email: mlilya@boisforte-nsn.gov

    Janell Smith
    Court Clerk / Guardian Ad Litem
    Responsible for ensuring that all aspects of court actions are processed effectively, efficiently, and accurately.
    Office:  218-757-3462
    Email: janell.smith@boisforte-nsn.gov 

    Marian Holmes
    Probation Officer
    Responsible for handling all court cases in which probation has been ordered, and maintaining a working relationship with the Nett Lake Police Department. 
    Office:  218-757-3462
    Email: mholmes@boisforte-nsn.gov

    Megan Treuer
    Chief Judge

    Rebecca McConkey-Greene, McConkey-Greene Law Office
    ICW Lawyer

    Heidi Drobnick, Swanson, Drobnick & Tousey P.C.
    Public Defender

    Ben Pachito, The Jacobson Law Group


  • Public Sex Offender Registry (PSOR)

    PSOR Website Available

    Bois Forte Judicial Services has launched the new Public Sex Offender Registry (PSOR). This registry is made available through to better assist the public in preventing and protecting against the commission of future criminal sexual acts by convicted sex offenders.

    Visit site here http://boisforte.nsopw.gov.

  • Bois Forte Tribal Code
    • On Wednesday, January 20, 2021, the Bois Forte Reservation Tribal Council approved the Revised Bois Forte Tribal Code.
    • The Revised Bois Forte Tribal Code will take effect on March 1, 2021.
    • If you have questions or comments, please contact the Tribal Court.

    Download Document


    Revised Bois Forte Tribal Code↓



Bois Forte
Bois Forte Tribal Government - Nett Lake

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Nett Lake, MN 55772

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Toll Free: 1-800-221-8129
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Email: Receptionist

Bois Forte Tribal Government - Vermilion

1610 Farm Road South
Tower, MN 55790

Office: 218-753-4542
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Urban Office - Minneapolis

1308 E. Franklin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55404

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Urban Office - Duluth

206 West 4th Street #204
Duluth, MN 55806

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