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Bois Forte Public Health COVID-19 Case Announcement 12-6-21 thru 12-10-21

Boozhoo All!

Today’s announcement includes all new cases report last week, December 6-10.  We had 5 new COVID cases last week.

Note:  We are also seeing a few influenza cases at both clinics!  It’s important to come in and get tested if you have any influenza (Flu) or COVID symptoms.  The symptoms can be similar and it’s important to keep a good count of COVID cases in our community.  Please don’t just assume you have influenza or COVID, we would like to keep track of which infection you have.

Here’s a link from the CDC which gives info on influenza and COVID, it has some good info including how long you are contagious with each infection.  https://www.cdc.gov/flu/symptoms/flu-vs-covid19.htm

We have all COVID vaccines and influenza vaccine available at the clinic.  You need to get an influenza vaccine yearly and it’s that time of year again if you haven’t gotten once yet since September this year.


Bois Forte Public Health COVID-19 Case Announcement
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